The origin of the word amara is Sanskrit and means eternity. The root mar in used in many other languages thus ​​amara carries various meanings such as: good, love, unfading, rebellious, lovely, beautiful, free … These meanings that we discovered of this word – so short and yet so vibrant, inspired us to name our studio after it.

Our only intent is to empower you with positive energy and to awaken your senses beyond their routine perception. We want to encourage feeling of free soul flight and perhaps hearing your authentic divine voice for the first time, overcoming raging thoughts of everyday life.

The urban lifestyle is dynamic and busy, our body and soul need time and a place for rest and recovery. We believe that sanctuary of harmony and balance happens in Amara yoga studio.

Most practices yoga practices that we offer, as well as tai chi, pilates, poi spinning and indi fusion dance, are suitable for beginners. For your comfort and convenience there are groups with varying degrees of intensity so that to suit the different level of body readiness. We do try to cover most wanted daily hours in our schedule.

The atmosphere we created for you in Amara reminds of home. Comfort, warmth and comfort to help you relax and let go of all unnecessary.

The therapies and massages we offer for body and face complement and close up an entire cycle of good care of the Self!

The studio has two spacious places for yoga, tai chi and pilates. The locker room is equipped with lockers with lock for personal belongings. We offer two massage studios, which enables the performance of two massages simultaneously.

For your convenience, you may bring light slippers to change.

Thank you for your time, interest and trust in us. We wish you pleasant surfing on our virtual home here and we would be very glad to welcome you live in Amara yoga studio!