Prices for all practices: yoga, tai-chi, pilates and dance

*Amara studio is working with complementary cards Sodexo and MiltiSport for all practices.


Price per single visit:

For all practices – 13.00 BGN

Yoga for children under 12 years – 10.00 BGN

for pensioners - 10.00 BGN

Individual lesson /yoga, pilates/ – 60.00 BGN

Group meditation* – 13.00 BGN

*conducted with minimum of 3 participants

Monthly membership card prices:

Card for 6/8/12 visits - 63.00/77.00/108.00 BGN

Unlimited visit card for one month – 170.00 BGN



Hiring space in Amara: 80 sq.m. hall, 60.00 BGN for one hour; 80.00 BGN for two hours


Dear Customers, we kindly inform you that any service requires an appointment, at least 24 hours prior.



Human Desing reading - Analysis with professional analyst for self-knowledge, awareness of your true self, correct application of your unique energy imprint
180,00 BGN, app. 2 hours
Here you can find detailed information about the benefits of the Human Design system:

Holistic diagnosis - 40,00 BGN
Includes asian technique for whole body diagnosis and individual healing regime (diet and herbal remedies). Conducted by Ivan Ivanov.

Auriculotherapy - 25,00 BGN
There are numerous acupuncture points on the ear/pinna. They may be processed by seeds, glued on the pinna with patch, thereby influencing the whole organism. This healing technique is called auricular therapy and has an instant calming and healing effect on the problematic areas. Conducted by Ivan Ivanov.

Aura Photography - 30 BGN (~40 min.) - Health and overall well-being diagnosis with aura camera.

The body’s internal communications system—or synaptic nerve connections—determine and influence mental and physical states. The Aura Photography taps into this system by measuring the electro-dermal activity and temperature from dozens of points on the left hand.

The sophisticated Aura Photography software then correlates this data with empirical biofeedback, aura, chakra and energy research technology, displaying the results in real-time through colorful and easy-to-understand images.

Prices for therapies, massages and cosmetics

Body Therapy -

performed by certified therapists with international experience and knowledge, using combined techniques - shiatsu, chiropractic, ayurveda, chinese accupuncture technique, thai technique, reflexotherapy, prana and crystal healing


Healing body therapy or deep tissue massage
~60 min. – 55 BGN


Healing body therapy 90 min. - 80,00 BGN

Shiatsu Ayurveda wellness massage - 60 min. - 60,00 BGN /with Hadjime/

Shiatsu Ayurveda wellness massage and healing crystal therapy - 90 min. - 90,00 BGN /with Hajime/

Pranic healing with crystals, with Hajime:

- 30 min., 40 BGN
- 45 min., 50 BGN
- 60 min., 60 BGN

You can enjoy the pranic healing as a separate therapy, or as an addition to your massage.


"Earth and Sky" massage /with Ivan Ivanov/ - reflexotherapy on feet, neck and head, the perfect anti-stress solution - 60 min. - 50,00 BGN

Thai massage - 90 min., 65 BGN

Yumeiho japanese massage ~60 min. – 60.00 BGN
Conducted by professional yumeiho therapist, certified at the Bulgarian Sports Academy


Prophylactic massage - performed by masseur/masseuse


Partial massage (back and neck, or face, head&shoulders) ~30 mins – 35.00 BGN

Reflexotherapy ~30 mins – 35.00 BGN

Anti-cellulite massage ~40 min. – 45.00 BGN

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage - 60 min., 55.00 BGN 

Integral massage (whole body, feet, head) 90 min. – 80.00 BGN



Cosmetic procedures

Waxing for women:

Whole legs – 20.00 BGN

1/2 Legs – 12.00 BGN

1/2 Intimates – 12.00 BGN

Whole Intimates – 18.00 BGN

Armpits – 6.00 BGN

Arms – 12.00 BGN

1/2 Arms – 10.00 BGN

Upper Lip – 7.00 BGN

Eyebrows – 10.00 BGN

Any single zone: from 7.00 to 12.00 BGN


Waxing for men:

Whole legs – 30.00 BGN

Arms – 18.00 BGN

Armpits – 8.00 BGN

Chest – 10.00 BGN

Stomach – 15.00 BGN

Back – 25.00 BGN



Facial Procedures


Facial cleansing – 35.00 BGN (1 h 30 min.)

Cleansing with serum finish - 45.00 BGN (1 h 30 min.)

Facial massage and mask (depending in skin type/needs) – 35.00 BGN (~60 min.)

D'arsonval with face serum, depending in skin type/needs - 15.00 BGN (~15 min.)


*All therapies are subject to advanced booking and full prepayment /24 hours in advance/.


**АМАRА studio has the right to make changes to prices and schedules.