1. Amara is considering ideas for yoga in nature. Share your thoughts on where you would like to go and what dates will be appropriate with us, so that we can grant ourselves new and beautiful moments.

2. Our studio supports the work of different artists. Authors, who would like to, can present their work here.

3. We rent out halls for various events as well. Please send us your request at

Promos in Amara

1. Total Relaxation

Classic massage + facial massage + face mask + reflex therapy


Regular price 125 BGN

Promo price 105 BGN

You save 20 BGN


2. Soul and body

Three yoga sessions + anti-cellulite massage + facial massage + facial mask

Regular price 130 BGN

Promo price 110 BGN

You save 20 BGN


If you would wish to combine any other services, we are ready to consider your proposals.


Our advice for the yoga attendants at Amara Studio:

Even if you haven’t practiced yoga, if you have been active individually by reading books and watching videos, if you are only just getting to know the world of yoga, do not be worried.

Our instructors are well trained to help you relax and familiarize yourselves with the practice. Don’t forget that we are all still learning.

To feel comfortable during the sessions you should remove all jewellery and watches, because they will get in the way. Our goal is to release the body of all tension and restraints.

When practicing yoga, pilates, zumba and Tai-Chi it is important to not eat at least 2 to 3 hours before the sessions and is advisable not to eat 20 minutes after they have finished. This of course doesn’t mean that if you’re very hungry you can’t have a biscuit. At AMARA we have mats and blankets, and we practice in our socks or barefoot. You can also bring slippers for your own comfort.

After the sessions it is not advised to take showers for up to one hour as well as not doing any heavy physical labour.


It is important to inform the yoga teacher if you have any medical problem, upcoming operation or in case of pregnancy.

Be careful when conducting the forward bending asanas – if you are vulnerable to high blood pressure or have had recent eye surgery, lower back problems – sciatica or slipped disc.


Be careful when conducting the backward bending asanas if you have ulcers and/or hernia.


We kindly request that you turn the sound of your cell phone off.

Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding matters of interest to you.

Practice with pleasure and enjoyment, and avoid becoming tense.

Sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂